Tyeestudio has recently published its first RPG game on Google Play Store. Go and check it out! You'll experience fun, learning and challenge. 

Animal Rescue is an educational, role playing game (rpg) for people of all ages!

It contains fun challenges from map puzzles to ranging levels of arithmetic, as well as the main components of role playing games.

The following is the synopsis of the story-line in Animal Rescue.

At such an era and in such a planet all the crops, vegetables and some other green stuff start to run out. Due to the great demand people are using them to produce oil and bio diesel for cars and machines etc. leaving animals hardly any food. Animals are starving and dying. At such situation our hero-the player determines not to let it be. He/she stands up and goes out to fight for food for animals. He/she breaks through the tight security guard at fields and plant transportation trains, and search through the food processing warehouses to collect whatever he/she can for those poor animals. The player should use his/her wit power to avoid being caught by the guards and push the boxes to find the right path to any hidden food and bring them to the animal farm.

Not just going around crop protecting guards, the player also needs to be able to solve the math puzzles, avoid being poisoned by some vegetables through identifying their growing patterns and seek help in order to survive while trying to achieve his/her goal.

It's challenging and it's fun!